Lets Talk Natural Hair

...because every natural hair journey deserves a soap box!

Before I get into my daily, weekly & monthly hair regimen I thought it best to start by highlighting certain turning points in my Journey-to-Natural. First was learning about my hair type, curl pattern, elasticity, texture & porosity. These helped me navigate through ALL the products that are flooded in the market to find out what my hair needed & which products contained it.

For example, Porosity or how porous your hair is, is determined by how well your hair is able to absorb and retain moisture. There are a few methods to test hair porosity including sliding a strand, or using spray bottle however the most popular & accurate is the floating method. Once you know if your hair is low porosity, normal porosity or high porosity you will know what products & oils to focus on. Similarly, there are easy to do methods of measuring your curl pattern, hair texture & type. I will break-down each of these on the blog as we go along. 

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Natural Hair Diary...

spray bottle naturalista

Feature 1

Spray bottle is arguably your best companion on the natural hair journey. The bottle is for infusing moisture into your hair so it has to be +80% water component, the rest of the mixture can be a combination of carrier & essential oils depending on your hair needs. See various oils by clicking on link.

Your hair will shrink after washing it to air dry.There are a number of recommended heat-free methods to stretch your hair, these include African threading, bunning, banding, jumbo twists, bantu knots, flat twists and others.

 my hair's been feeling brittle all week.  #proteintreatment  required! Back to basics, going DIY in my kitchen with eggs, mayo, yoghurt & honey. (Its messy & drips) If you use egg in your DIY treatments dont forget to rinse with cold water or else the egg cooks & you end up with egg white pieces.  #DIY   #StrengthenHair  #Protein

When my hair starts to feel brittle, I know a protein treatment is due & it needs strengthening. Back to basics, with a kitchen DIY of eggs, mayo, yoghurt & honey. If you use egg in home treatments don't forget to rinse with cold water or else the egg cooks & you end up with egg white pieces. The ideal balance of protien and moisture is when your hair feels both soft and strong.

Edges for edge control

Feature 2

Edges. I took this pic because for the first time, in my natural hair journey, I was struggling with my hairline. Braids are an awesome protective style but sometimes they're a miss! I kept the braids for 4 weeks, shampooed, moisturized & massaged with castor oil but still my hair line took a hit. Grateful to have it restored as the scare was real.


African threading is time consuming but it is effective at fully stretching hair out and it also doubles up as a protective styles if you choose to keep the threading on for a longer period. Just remember to spray your hair before bed & wrap it with a satin or silk scarf to maintain the hairstyle & retain moisture.

Same Week:  My hair shrinks 80% of its length - that used to bother me a lot but not anymore. 
Sometimes we get so caught up in "length goals" that we lose focus on just having moisturized, healthy & nourished hair. ♥  I cant wait til my hair is bum length... but for now my focus is on maintaining what I already have

Detangle knots

Feature 3

Detangling is a naturalista's friend. Dont detangle dry hair or wet hair - it is best to finger detangle lightly damp hair with a drizzle of oil. No combs are allowed & you separate strands from top and work your way down to the root. This process takes a while however your hair length retention depends on it.


Leave-in conditioner. A lot of discussion has gone into how long one can keep a leave-in conditioner for before it has negative effects on your hair. I will admit to going on for hours with a 30-min instruction leave-in simply because I want maximum hydration of the product - however the truth is most conditioners will have completed their job in the 30 mins that is specified.

Washing your hair in protective style. Focus on your Scalp 💜. I mix shampoo with water in spray bottle or applicator bottle for easy application & rinsing. Pour mixture onto scalp. Rub scalp using my fingers & run mix down the length of my hair. Rinse & Repeat until product build up is clear. 

Having Black hair is unique in that Black women change up styles a lot. You can walk down one street block in New York City and see 10 different hairstyles that Black women are wearing: straight curls, short cuts, braids – we really run the gamut. ~ Queen Latifah